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Pristine beach and turquois ocean at Nin

Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek flows between the spectacular sheer cliffs, known as Yardie Creek Gorge.

Yardie Creek Walk trail can be accessed from the main day use area car park. There is also a picnic area and a 4 cubicle toilet block located at the start of the walking trail.


Yardie Creek Walk Trail

A 500 metre (½ hour return) walk meanders above the gorge's vertical red rock walls, overlooking Yardie Creek. It is initially an easy walk but becomes more difficult as you ascend the Range.

If you wish to add a further 1.5 kilometres (1½ hours return) to this walk, follow the track that leads from the end of the Yardie Creek Walk. Remain on the northern side of the gorge so as not to disturb the black-footed rock wallabies.

Look closely and you may be able to spot these animals as they seek shelter on ledges along the southern cliff face, where they await evening before coming out to feed.

For more information visit TrailsWA.


Getting There

Yardie Creek is about 38 km south of the Milyering Discovery Centre following the Yardie Creek Road.

All information here is courtesy of Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

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